What it inolves

  • Partnering with your physician to develop a very slow, personalized opioid taper plan that will work for you.  (You can stop the taper at any time if you wish) 
  • Regular clinic follow-ups with your doctor 
  • You will be asked to complete electronic (online) surveys at various study time points. 
  • When you complete each survey, we will give you an Amazon gift card!
  • You may be assigned to receive one of the following group pain management classes in addition to your clinical care: 

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (6 weeks)

  • 2.5-hour classes once a week that are led by two trained peer leaders. Leaders have lived experience with successful chronic pain management. 
  • People with chronic pain face challenges every day. This program will help you learn to manage your pain so you can get on with living a satisfying and fulfilling life! 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Chronic Pain (8 weeks)

  • 2-hour classes once a week with a trained psychologist 
  • CBT helps provide pain relief in a few ways: you will learn skills and information that will help you develop positive coping skills, reduce the impact chronic pain has on your life, and increase the power of your body’s natural pain relief response!